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All problems for the topic of Puzzles

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NameDescriptionQuickname with link for detail view
A square is also a rectangleIdentify correct statements for 2d geometric shapes9445 A square is also a rectangle
Columnar addition with blanksBlanks in columnar addition to be filled in correctly.1442 Columnar addition with blanks
Continue number sequence add subtractFind the next numbers in a series6913 Continue number sequence add subtract
Examine the elements of binomic formulasElements of a binomic formula and their expanded form are grouped in a table. Fill the empty spaces.7596 Examine the elements of binomic formulas
Extract binomic formula from termA binomic formula is hidden in a term. Factor out the binomic formular or extract the summand.1825 Extract binomic formula from term
Insert the arithmentic operatorIn an equation with two operands, insert the correct arithmetic symbol.4680 Insert the arithmentic operator
Insert two arithmentic operatorsIn an equation with three operands, insert two operators.6624 Insert two arithmentic operators
LabyrinthFind your way through the labyrinth.1352 Labyrinth
Long division whole numbers fill blanksDivision of two whole numbers, with remainder, written long division with blanks to be filled in.6165 Long division whole numbers fill blanks
Magic triangle sumsIn a magic triangle, six numbers have to be filled in correctly.1655 Magic triangle sums
Match angles to angle typesGiven angles have to be matched to given types6382 Match angles to angle types
Prime testDetermine if number is prime.6003 Prime test
Relational operator insert digitAdd a digit in a relational statement to make it true.6274 Relational operator insert digit
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