Custom worksheets are just a few mouseclicks away.
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The worksheets storage

You can access the worksheet memory by clicking the tab "My worksheets" on the start page. If you have already created your own worksheets, you will find two lists in the storage area:

If you have not yet created any worksheets, we recommend our guide Step by step guide to creating a worksheet, which shows you how to compile and create worksheets from problems.

To open the worksheet store, go to the home page and log in with your username and password. You will then land on the home page, which looks something like this:

Image of starting page

Click on the tab "My Worksheets" and you end up in the worksheet store:

Image of worksheet storage page

My worksheets

In the upper part you will find the list of worksheets you have compiled from tasks.These are kept for you as long as you use dw-math. If you have not signed up for a year, we will clear this storage to save space.

Recent worksheets

Whenever you have the corresponding worksheets and solution sheets generated from a worksheet in pdf format, you will be offered these for download. At the same time these pdf documents appear in this list.

This list has two functions:

Good luck!