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Registration is free. And you get a free starting balance to try our service. You do not have to enter payment details or disclose your credit card number to start. Just register, log in and start to create your own worksheets. When you have used up all your free credits, you can choose just not to come back - we will automatically close your account if you do not return - only after giving you a notification by email, of course. If you choose to stay, our paid service is available for a price that starts as little as 3 Euro-cents for a problem if you take advantage of our volume rebates. Save time by creating a your own worksheet compiled of custom made math problems instead of copying and pasting from different sources that hardly match your needs!

In all cases, you will explicitely asked to confirm any actions that are chargeable. We will not send you unwanted advertisement emails and not give your name or contact details to anybody else (unless we have to by law).

Why is this a paid service? On other sites, everything is free!

We do not post adverts on our internal pages. And producing and calculating custom worksheets needs a lot more compute power than delivering prefabricated stock worksheets. Give it a try, it is not expensive and then judge for yourself whether the savings in your time spent are worth it.

Where is the fine print, the terms and conditions?

If you would like to have a look at our terms and conditions, please click here, where you will find our privacy policy, cancellation terms and imprint.

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