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Details for problem "Solve linear equation with distributive element"

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Suitable for grades: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9


Solve a linear equation step-by-step by performing equivalent transformations.



In a linear equation with one unknown variable, the value of the variable must be determined. The linear equation is formed by a sum of terms of the form ax and/or a on both sides of the equality sign. In addition, there is also a summand in the form of a distributive element a(x+b). By expanding the distributive element, combining like terms and performing equivalence transformation, the equation is to be brought into the form x=c, with c being a whole number. This term represents the solution of the equation. A corresponding note to use the technique of equivalent transformation can be given or omitted in the problem statement. The number of terms to the left and right of the equality sign that appear together with the distributive element can be predetermined. If desired, only the variable x appears as an unknown in order not to confuse. The individual steps of the solution process can be selected to be - not shown at all - shown only in the solution or - shown on the worksheet as well as on the solution sheet. On the worksheet, they will be presented as gap text. The steps of equivalent transformations are shown in the order: - multipy out/expand the distributive element - summarize and rearrange, combine like terms - move constant to the right side of the equality sign - move variable elements to the left of the equality sign - divide by the factor of the variable The solution is always a whole number.

Topics: Algebra, Equations

Tags: Polynom, Rules, Terms

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