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All problems tagged Multiplication

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NameDescriptionQuickname with a link to the detailed view
Add Sub times tableAddition and subtraction of times table products7300 Add Sub times table
Add Sub times table same factorAddition and subtraction of times table products for a single number one to ten5139 Add Sub times table same factor
Decimal fraction multiply by power of 10A decimal fraction has to be multiplied by a power of ten.8565 Decimal fraction multiply by power of 10
Decimal fraction multiply by whole numberA decimal fraction has to be multiplied by a whole number.9400 Decimal fraction multiply by whole number
Decimal fractions multiplicationTwo decimals have to be multiplied.1824 Decimal fractions multiplication
Determine gcd and lcm by comparing multiples & divisorsFor two given numbers, the gcd and lcm are determined by comparing lists of multiples or divisors4978 Determine gcd and lcm by comparing multiples & divisors
Double a numberDouble a number with or without decimal places.4627 Double a number
Expand and simplify term, combine like termsExpand a term with sums and products with numbers and variables. Combine like terms to simplify the result.3291 Expand and simplify term, combine like terms
Factor or multiple?Determine whether a number is a factor or multiple of another.7651 Factor or multiple?
Factorisation of termsFactorise a term with variables8231 Factorisation of terms
Factors of a numberFor a given number, all factors have to be listed.1435 Factors of a number
Fraction mult factor has to be filled inTwo fractions are multiplied, one fraction and result given.7056 Fraction mult factor has to be filled in
Fractions mult by whole numbers fill blanksWhat whole number has be fraction been multiplied with?2501 Fractions mult by whole numbers fill blanks
Insert the arithmentic operatorIn an equation with two operands, insert the correct arithmetic symbol.4680 Insert the arithmentic operator
Insert two arithmentic operatorsIn an equation with three operands, insert two operators.6624 Insert two arithmentic operators
Long multiplicationTwo factors have to be multiplied using the long multiplication written form.3232 Long multiplication
Multiples list first nFor a given number, list the first n multiples.9444 Multiples list first n
Multiples up toFor a given number, the multiples up to a given limit have to be listed.5221 Multiples up to
MultiplicationMultiplication problems with defined number range8228 Multiplication
Multiplication of negative numbersMultiplication of two negative numbers, training the rules for the product's sign.9229 Multiplication of negative numbers
Multiplication series powers of tenIn a series of multiplication terms with same product, the number of places move from first to second factor.8721 Multiplication series powers of ten
Multiply fractionsMultiply two fractions.7489 Multiply fractions
Multiply fractions by whole numbersA fraction has to multiplied by a whole number.7650 Multiply fractions by whole numbers
Prime factorizationPerform the prime factorization for a given number.5356 Prime factorization
Product term expansionExpand product term with variables.8621 Product term expansion
Table of multiplication problemsMatrix of multiplication problems with whole numbers5545 Table of multiplication problems
Test for divisibilityA row of numbers is presented. Delete those that are not divisible by a given divisor.4290 Test for divisibility
Times table 1-10Multiplication problems from the 1-10 times tables.7354 Times table 1-10
Times table with factor tenMultiplication problem series introducing factor of ten6733 Times table with factor ten
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