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How does dw-math work?

At dw-Math it is all about worksheets. The worksheets contain problems that you can select from our pool of problems. The problems are automatically generated according to your specifications. This ways you can quickly create any number of different worksheets that suit your needs.
Here we show you how it works: Step by step guide to creating your own worksheet.
The worksheets storage
The worksheet memory contains both your worksheets, which you can create and download at any time, and the recent worksheets created in pdf form.
Here is a short introduction to your worksheet storage area: The worksheet storage.
We have prepared templates for some topics. The templates contain different types of problems on this topic and save you the trouble of choosing and compiling the tasks. Templates are prepared worksheets, which you can take over into your own worksheet storage with one click. Where necessary, you can still make adjustments, such as adjusting the difficulty, removing or adding tasks. When you're satisfied, download the worksheet - just like a worksheet you've created yourself.
Here we show you how to use templates: Working with templates.
If you would like to make your worksheets available to others, then you can make these worksheets available for download directly at
Arrange the worksheets in a room and provide a link to that room.
Here we show you how it works: Working with rooms.

Good luck!