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All problems for the topic of Divisibility

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Quickname with link for detail view
Determine gcd and lcm by comparing multiples & divisors
For two given numbers, the gcd and lcm are determined by comparing lists of multiples or divisors
Divisibility rules to be specified and applied
The rules on divisibility have to be specified and applied.
Division by multiples of power of ten
Divison by a power of ten or a multiple thereof.
Division series 1x1 with factor 10
Division problem series with divisor and dividend alternating with factor ten.
Factor or multiple?
Determine whether a number is a factor or multiple of another.
Factors of a number
For a given number, all factors have to be listed.
GCD computation with the Euclidean Algorithm
Compute the GCD step by step with the Euclidian Algorithm.
Halve numbers
Divide numbers by two, whole numbers or with decimal places.
lcm derived via prime factorization
The lcm is to be derived for two given numbers.
Long division of two whole numbers
Division of two whole numbers, with remainder, written long division method illustrated.
Multiples of a number list first n
For a given number, list the first n multiples.
Multiples of a number up to a limit
For a given number, the multiples up to a given limit have to be listed.
Prime factorization
Perform the prime factorization for a given number.
Prime test
Determine if number is prime.
Test for divisibility
A row of numbers is presented. Delete those that are not divisible by a given divisor.
Times table with factor ten
Multiplication problem series introducing factor of ten
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