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Grades overview

Counting, Problems with graphical representation, calculating up to 10
Arithmetic operations up to 100, addition and subtraction up to tens, reading the clock, calculating with time spans
Arithmetic operations up to 1000, time table, quantities, time spans, size and length, describing block buildings
Arithmetic operations up to 1000000, times table with division problems, column addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, number ray, inequality
Quantities and area measures, symmetry, fractions, decimals, angles, prime numbers, factorization, multiples and factors
Fractions and quantities arithmetic, decimal fractions, compute terms according to computation rules, geln ausrechnen, rule of three
Triangles, fractions, negative numbers, percent, rotation of shapes
Percent problems, interest, complex triangle problems, functions and relations
Triangle related problems, percentage, interest, terms and term transformation, equations
Complex triangle problems, percentage, interest
These informational pages with samples describe math problems that can be combined on custom math worksheets with solutions for home and K-12 school use.
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