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Addition of natural, whole and rational numbers and fractions, evaluation of complex sums, application of the distributive law
Drawing and construction of angles, properties of angles
Determine and calculate areas of geometric figures or shapes, comparison of areas, doing area math
multiplication and division first, then addition and subtraction, distributive law, associative law, commutative law, precedence of operators
Analog and digital clocks, calculating time difference, determining start or end times.
Culer-and-compass construction, classical construction, Euclid's first three postulates
Working with the cartesian ccordinate system
Counting objects
Tools to customize the worksheet, insertion of text, free form rasters, etc
Division of whole and rational numbers and fractions, distributive law, multiplication table, divisibility
Problems solved by drawing or construction, drawing of diagrams or figures
Problems with rational numbers in fraction bar or decimal fraction notation
Create height matrix for cube buildings, counting of blocks, completion of building
Principal, interest, interest rate, time, rule of three, word problems, story problems, percent value, base value
Measurement of length or angles, drawing geometric objects with specified dimensions
Problems dealing with money, currency, hard cash, currency conversion
Multiplication of whole and rational numbers or fractions, rule of three, distributive law, divisibility, multiplication table
Polyhedrons of geometric bodies, hexominoes, polyhedral nets of cubes
The number line, drawing a number line, locating and naming numbers on the number line
Spelling out numbers, conversion from numerals to spelled out numbers and vice-versa
Percentage, text problems on percentage, base value, percent value
Polynoms, curve sketching, root of a polynom, completing the square
Prime numbers, properties of prime numbers, primality, testing primality, prime factorization
Solving quadratic functions, completing the square, binomial formulas
Comparison of numbers, sorting numbers, know the relational operators and select the correct one
Rotation of geometric shapes and figires, angle of rotation, properties of rotation
Rounding numbers, rounding to the n-th digit, rounding rules
Drawing to scale, determining scale from drawing, conversion, enlarge and shrink
Geometric three-dimensional shapes, volume, surface, axonometry, perpective sight, cubes, cuboids, pyramids, spheres
Subtraction of natural, whole and rational numbers and fractions, evaluation of complex sums, application of the distributive law
Symmetry, geometric figures, reflection, detecting symmetry of geometric figures
Terms, transformation of terms, term algebra, term consolidation, term expansion
Textual problems, rule of three problems in text form, insert random text
Constructing and drawing triangles, elements of a triangle, area, angle bisector, perpendicular bisector, altitude of a triangle
Money, time, length, size, volume, weight, conversion of units and arithmetics
These informational pages with samples describe math problems that can be combined on custom math worksheets with solutions for home and K-12 school use.
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