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A square is also a rectangle
Identify correct statements for 2d geometric shapes
Area of a triangle from side and height
The lengths of a side of a triangle and the corrensponding height are given. Calculate the area of the triangle.
Area of triangle draw height and measure
A triangle is given. Draw a height of choice, measure side and height and calculate area.
Area of triangle draw triangle and height and measure
A triangle has to be drawn with given dimensions. Draw a height of choice, measure side and height and calculate area.
Convert units of measurement
Convert volume, length, time, area, time units.
Find shapes with largest and smallest area
A series of shapes is presented. The ones with the largest and smallest areas have to be picked.
Rotate shape by multiples of 90 degrees
A shape has to be rotated by a multiple of 90 degrees.
Shapes 3d: Match shape and volume or surface formula
Match named or shown three-dimensional geometric shapes to the correct formula for volume or surface area.
Shapes 3d:Values and formulas for surface and volume
For three-dimensional geometric shapes, state the formula for the volume and/or surface area, or calculate these values.
Shapes with same area to be identified
Some shapes are shown. Which two have the same area?
Three ways to express quantity in units
Write volume, length, time, area, time quantities in units and with decimals.
Triangle missing value area, side or height
One of the values area, length of a side or corresponding height of a triangle are given. Determine the missing value.
Units of measurement add and subtract
Add and subtract units of measurement
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