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Details for problem "Shapes 3d:Values and formulas for surface and volume"

Quickname: 2200

Suitable for grades: Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10


For three-dimensional geometric shapes, state the formula for the volume and/or surface area, or calculate these values.



A series of three-dimensional geometric shapes is presented. There are several possible tasks available:

- calculate the values for the shape's surface area and/or volume,
- state the correct formula for the surface area and/or volume,
- or a mix of these.

It is configurable what is being asked for.

Possible shapes are:

- cube/cuboid
- prism
- (square) pyramid
- (regular) tetrahedron
- cylinder
- cone
- sphere

For every shape, it is selectable whether it will appear in the problem statement.

The shapes are shown in the form of a drawing with all required vertices and edges labeled and their values given. The size of the drawing can be chosen from two sizes.

Two levels of difficulty are available, "easy" and "intermediate": In the "easy" setting, he name of the shape is provided. Edges will always be labeled a,b,c,d,h,r, according to the type of edge and the nature of the shape. In the "intermediate" level, the name of the shape is not given, and edges will be randomly named.

All length, area and volume dimensions can be shown dimensionless, or with the respective units of length, area or volume. This is configurable.

Results can be rounded to the nearest whole number. Pi can be assumed to be 3.14 in value.

Topics: Geometry, Units

Tags: Area, Solid Geometry, Units

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