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All problems for the topic of Geometry

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A square is also a rectangle
Identify correct statements for 2d geometric shapes
Add missing line segment name for intercept theorem
In a statement of the intercept theorems the missing line segment name has to be inserted.
Angle bisector construction
Construct the bisector for a given angle using just a compass and a straightedge.
Angle size measurement
Measure the size of a given angle
Angle to be drawn
An angle of a given size has to be drawn.
Angle types
For a given angle, the correct type has to be marked.
Area of a triangle from side and height
The lengths of a side of a triangle and the corrensponding height are given. Calculate the area of the triangle.
Area of triangle draw height and measure
A triangle is given. Draw a height of choice, measure side and height and calculate area.
Area of triangle draw triangle and height and measure
A triangle has to be drawn with given dimensions. Draw a height of choice, measure side and height and calculate area.
Complete equation for given straight line
In a straight line equation for a given line, gaps must be filled in correctly.
Complete the table with scaled lengths
In a table with scale, scaled length and real length, missing values must be added
Convert the value of a scaled length
Conversion of lengths at a given scale in both directions
Coordinates of points in the coordinate system
Identify the coordinates of points on a cartesian coordinate plane.
Count cubes in cube building shown
A cube building is shown, count the number of cubes used to build it.
Cube building to cuboid, how many cubes are needed
Count the number of cubes to complete cuboid from cube building.
Cube net find opposite side of marked side
Find the opposite side in a cube net.
Determine line segment length with intercept theorem
In application of the intercept theorem the fourth line segment length is to be calculated from three given lengths.
Draw 3d geometric shape in perspective
Draw an oblique image of the three-dimensional geometric shape given.
Draw a line for a given line equation
A line equation is given, draw the respective line in a coordinate plane.
Draw a triangle with given dimensions
Dimensions are given that define triangle. The corresponding triangle has to be drawn and sides and/or angles measured.
Draw shape on coordinate plane with given points
A shape is formed by connecting points in a coordinate plane that have to be marked first.
Empty coordinate plane for a custom made problem
An empty coordinate raster plane with custom text.
Empty raster
Empty squared free space for custom made problems.
Enlarge or reduce shape
A scale factor is given, reduce or enlarge a given shape.
Find shapes with largest and smallest area
A series of shapes is presented. The ones with the largest and smallest areas have to be picked.
Geometric shape: Add missing invisible lines
The invisible lines are missing in an an oblique sketch of a geometric shape. Add them to the drawing.
Geometric shape: Add missing lines
Lines are missing in an an oblique sketch of a geometric shape. Add hidden and visible lines to the drawing.
Hexominoes two are the same
Two shapes, similar to cube nets, are the same. Which ones?
Identify cube nets in a series of cube-like nets
A series of drawings is shown. Which ones represent cube nets?
Intercept theorem statements right or wrong
Correct statements on the intercept theorems must be identified and marked.
Mark point on line segment with specified distance
On a given line segment AB, mark point C with distance x to A or B.
Mark points on a coordinate plane
Points with whole number coordinates have to be marked on a coordinate plane.
Match angles to angle types
Given angles have to be matched to given types
Meander line pattern continuation
Continue a line pattern like a meander-motif band
Measure length of line segment
Measure the length of a given line.
Measure length of line segment on coordinate plane
Measure the length of a given line segment on a coordinate plane.
Measure part of line segment
A line AB is given with a point C marked on it. Measure the length of AC or BC.
Measure part of line segment on coordinate plane
A line AB is given on a coordinate plane with a point C marked on it. Measure the length of AC or BC.
Name the 2d geometric shape
Name the two dimensional flat geometric shape shown
Name the 3d geometric shape
An oblique sketch of a geometric shape is shown. Name the shape.
Perpendicular bisector construction for a line segment
For a given line segment, construct the perpendicular bisector using only a compass and a ruler.
Plan for cube building to be drawn
Create the plan for a cube building.
Points matched to correct coordinates
A series of points must be assigned to the correct given coordinates in the Cartesian coordinate system.
Reflection in a mirror line
For a given shape the mirror image has to be drawn.
Rotate shape by multiples of 90 degrees
A shape has to be rotated by a multiple of 90 degrees.
Scale factor to be determined
The scale used for an illustration shall be determined.
Scaled rectangle: determine original dimensions
A given rectangle must be measured, length and width converted and the area determined.
Shapes 3d: Match shape and volume or surface formula
Match named or shown three-dimensional geometric shapes to the correct formula for volume or surface area.
Shapes 3d:Values and formulas for surface and volume
For three-dimensional geometric shapes, state the formula for the volume and/or surface area, or calculate these values.
Shapes with same area to be identified
Some shapes are shown. Which two have the same area?
Specify equation to straight line
For a given straight line on a coordinate plane, the corresponding equation must be specified.
Tell kinds of symmetry of a shape
For each one of a series of shapes, determine whether it has mirror- or point symmetry.
Tell symmetry of a shape
A series of shapes is shown. For each shape, tell whether is has point or mirror symmetry.
Triangle draw circumcircle
The circumcircle and perpendicular bisectors have to be drawn for a given triangle.
Triangle draw incircle
The incircle and angle bisectors have to be drawn for a given triangle.
Triangle label parts
A fully or partly unlabeled triangle is given. The vertices, sides or angles have to be labeled correctly.
Triangle mark centroid
The medians and centroid have to be drawn for a given triangle.
Triangle missing value area, side or height
One of the values area, length of a side or corresponding height of a triangle are given. Determine the missing value.
Triangle sides and perimeter
For a given triangle, the sides and/or perimeter have to be determined.
Triangle: Draw heights, medians and bisectors
Draw heights, medians, angle bisectors or perpendicular bisectors for a triangle.
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