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Details for problem "Count cubes in cube building shown"

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Suitable for K-12 grades: Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4

Elementary School, Primary School.


A cube building is shown, count the number of cubes used to build it.


A cube building is shown, count the number of cubes used to build it. (Example for this math problem)


A cube building or cube construction is shown. The task is to count the number of cubes that have been used to build the building.

This problem can be generated in a variety of ways to fulfill the needs as per age and level from grade 2 to grade 4. Great activity for centers or collaborative partner learning but can be used as other group activity.

Practicing these worksheets allows achieving the following objectives.

  1. Recall the counting skills by counting cubes.
  2. Estimate and identify the hidden cubes.
  3. Understand concepts of volume measurement.
  4. Acknowledge volume is an attribute of solid figures.
  5. Build grounds to learn matrices in the future.
  6. Strengthen the focus and work carefully.

These tricky worksheets will be a good practice to learn everyday life skills. The width, maximum height, and depth of the cube buildings can be configured. To reduce the complexity of the building and the difficulty of the task, it may be specified that the building height may only grow and not shrink from front to back, or even from front to back and right to left. This way, there will be no half-hidden cubes that may be difficult to identify.

Generate these problems for inclusion in your worksheets as per your requirement.

The answer key contains a matrix to represent the number of cubes at each place and the total number of cubes.

Topics: Geometry Planes,Figures

Tags: Height matrix

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Customization options for this problem

Possible values
Number of problems
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
2, 3, 4
2, 3, 4
Max height
2, 3, 4
None, solid backwards, solid to back and seft

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