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Terms, formulas, term operations, transformation of terms
Curves, lines, graphs in coordinate systems
Elementary arithmetic, computational rules, calculus
Positional notation, neighbors, representation, roman numerals, powers of ten
Factors, multiples, whole number division, greatest common divisor, prime numbers
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, calculation rules, PEMDAS/BODMAS rule, order of operations
Setting up linear and non-linear equations, transformation of equations, solving
Functions, their properties and representation
Geometric shapes and figures and their properties, triangles, rectangles, circles, cylinders, spheres, coordinate systems
Number line, counting, comparison of numbers
Numeral systems, positional notation, properties of numbers
Customization tools for the worksheet
Principal, interest, interest rate, time, rule of three, word problems, story problems, percent value, base value
Money, time, length, size, volume, weight, conversion of units, diagrams
Geometric planes and figures in the euclidean space, properties, surface, volume, transformation and projection, square, triangle, sphere, cube and others
Puzzles, Series of numbers, Labyrinth, Fill the gaps
Fractions and decimal fractions, mixed fraction, mixed number, comparison, rounding
Mean, median, standard deviation, variance
Frequency, probability, random events
Basic arithmetics with natural and whole numbers, times table, multiples, division with remainder
Real world problems, Word problems, story problems, written problems, rule of proportion, rule of three, money, physical quantity, time, interest problems, diagrams
These informational pages with samples describe math problems that can be combined on custom math worksheets with solutions for home and K-12 school use.
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