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All problems for the topic of Algebra

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NameDescriptionQuickname with link for detail view
Add sub split one digit numberAddition and subtraction by splitting one digit number4896 Add sub split one digit number
Add Sub times tableAddition and subtraction of times table products7300 Add Sub times table
Combine like termsCombine like terms in a sum term6275 Combine like terms
Combine like terms with negated bracketsCombine like terms in a sum term and expand terms in negated brackets6625 Combine like terms with negated brackets
Expand and simplify term, combine like termsExpand a term with sums and products with numbers and variables. Combine like terms to simplify the result.3291 Expand and simplify term, combine like terms
Factorisation of termsFactorise a term with variables8231 Factorisation of terms
Insert two arithmentic operatorsIn an equation with three operands, insert two operators.6624 Insert two arithmentic operators
Product term expansionExpand product term with variables.8621 Product term expansion
Shade fractionsAn image of s subdivided shape is shown. Shade according to given fraction.8211 Shade fractions
Shade same fractionsShade n/m, 2n/2m, 3n/3m and so on of shapes with increasing number of parts.5247 Shade same fractions
Simplify product termA product term with number literals and variables as factors has to be simplified.7164 Simplify product term
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