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All problems for the topic of Algebra

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Quickname with link for detail view
Add and subtract spliting one digit number
Addition and subtraction by splitting one digit number
Add and subtract times table product
Addition and subtraction of times table products
Binomic formula fill in blanks
Fill gaps correctly in binomic formulas
Combine like terms
Combine like terms in a sum term
Combine like terms with negated brackets
Combine like terms in a sum term and expand terms in negated brackets
Determine shapes with same shaded fraction
In a series of shapes find the two shapes that represent the same fraction.
Distributive law - use to evaluate
Evaluate terms by multiplying out using distributive law
Distributive law: Match complex and expanded terms
Find pairs of complex terms and their corresponding expanded form.
Evaluate algebraic expression
A simple algebraic expression is to be evaluated, observing computational rules
Examine the elements of binomic formulas
Elements of a binomic formula and their expanded form are grouped in a table. Fill the empty spaces.
Expand and simplify binomic formula
Apply binomic formula expansion rules to simplify term.
Expand and simplify binomic formula, advanced
Apply binomic formula expansion rules to simplify term. Advanced version mit multiples of variables as summands.
Expand and simplify term, combine like terms
Expand a term with sums and products with numbers and variables. Combine like terms to simplify the result.
Extract binomic formula from term
A binomic formula is hidden in a term. Factor out the binomic formular or extract the summand.
Factorisation of terms
Factorise a term with variables
Insert two arithmetic operators
In an equation with three operands, insert two operators.
Linear equation system - Gaussian algorithm
A system of linear equations is to be solved with the Gaussian elimination method.
Match binomic formula to simplified form
Find matching terms of original and simplified binomic formulas in two lists.
Product of two sums term expansion
Expand a product term which has sums with variables as factors.
Product term expansion
Expand product term with variables.
Shade given fractions of a shape
An image of s subdivided shape is shown. Shade according to given fraction.
Shade same fractions of different shapes
Shade n/m, 2n/2m, 3n/3m and so on of shapes with increasing number of parts.
Simplify product term
A product term with number literals and variables as factors has to be simplified.
Simplify term with binomic formula, combine like terms
Simplify a term which contains a binomic formula
Solve linear equation
Solve a linear equation step-by-step by performing equivalent transformations.
Solve linear equation with distributive element
Solve a linear equation step-by-step by performing equivalent transformations.
Specify binomic formula for expanded term
A term is given which is the expanded form of a binomic formula. The original binomic formula has to be found.
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