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With these templates, creating custom worksheets for a specific math topic is even easier. You can create a new worksheet from a template. This worksheet can be further customized to suit your needs. To use these templates and create your own custom worksheets, you have to register first so you have a worksheet store. You can register and create an account in a minute - there is a free trial available. Register here, and you can use this template. There is no charge for joining and as a new member, you will get a free amount of starting credits. After registering, please choose the tab "My worksheets", then select "View templates".

Columnar addition
Seven problems on columnar addition with an increasing level of difficulty.
Angles and angle types
Measure and draw angles, identify types of angles
Binomic formulas: Expand and simplify
This worksheet provides basic exercises to become familiar with the binomic formulas.
Binomic formulas: Advanced applications
Use the binomic formulas to simplify and expand terms.
Read the clock and tell the time
Read the time from analog and digital clocks, draw clock hands.
Reducing and expanding fractions
Expansion and reduction of fractions, and converting fractions to like quantities.
Greatest Common Divisor
Two ways to determine the gcd of two numbers.
Two-dimensional geometric shapes
Identify, distinguish and name two-dimensional geometric shapes.
Three-dimensional geometric shapes
This worksheet covers basic shapes: cube/cuboid, pyramid and cylinder.
Three-dimensional geometric shapes
This worksheet covers advenced shapes: cube/cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, prism, cone, tetrahedron.
Label the basic parts of a triangle
This work package is about the basic parts: Vertices, angles and sides.
Label advanced parts of a triangle
Construct perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors and medians.
These informational pages with samples describe math problems that can be combined on custom math worksheets with solutions for home and K-12 school use.
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