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This is not a ready-to-download math worksheet. It is a template, that is a preconfgured list of problems with parameters, that you can use to create your own math worksheet from. You can then change the resulting worksheet if some of the parameters need any tweaking. To use this template and create your own custom worksheet, you have to register first so you can edit worksheets. You can register and create an account in a minute - there is a free trial available. Register here, and you can use this template. There is no charge for joining and as a new member, you will get a free amount of starting credits. After registering, please choose the tab "My worksheets", then select "View templates".


Angles and angle types


Grade 4


Measure and draw angles, identify types of angles


The problems on this worksheet deal with measuring and drawing angles, and correctly determining the angle type. For the first task, angles up to 90 degrees are to be measured. The next two tasks require the drawing of angles, first up to 90 degrees, then up to 180 degrees. In the last two exercises, angle types are to be determined, first for simpler angles excluding null and full angles, then for general angles.


This is what the worksheet will look like. On the left hand side, the problem type is shown with its quickname. On the right, you will see a preview of the problem. This is just a sample, as dw-math will generate a new one when you load the template. Click on the underlined problem name to jump to the problem's detail page. You can download preview worksheets and solution sheets for this problem there. Note that all problem numbers are show as one here, in the worksheet they will be numbered sequentially. The worksheet's header and footer are not shown here.

Angle size measurement

Measure the size of a given angle

Quickname: 4788
Angle to be drawn

An angle of a given size has to be drawn.

Quickname: 7461
Angle to be drawn

An angle of a given size has to be drawn.

Quickname: 7461
Angle types

For a given angle, the correct type has to be marked.

Quickname: 6921
Angle types

For a given angle, the correct type has to be marked.

Quickname: 6921

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