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Math worksheet template "GCD-1"

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Greatest Common Divisor


Grade 5


Two ways to determine the gcd of two numbers.


The worksheets deals with two ways to determine the greatest common divisor: Comparing the set of divisors of two numbers, and the Euclidean Algorithm. The first task requires the creation of a list of divisors for each number. The gcd can then be determined by finding the greatest number that appears in both lists. The second task requires the application of the Euclidean Algorithm. The Euclidean Algorithm is presented and explained for the first set of two numbers. The execution of the algorithm for four more subsequent number pairs is left to the reader.


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Determine gcd and lcm by comparing multiples & divisors

For two given numbers, the gcd and lcm are determined by comparing lists of multiples or divisors

Quickname: 4978
GCD computation with the Euclidean Algorithm

Compute the GCD step by step with the Euclidian Algorithm.

Quickname: 2001

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