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All problems for the topic of Functions

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Direct proportionality - complete table
Apply the rule of three for a direct proportionality relationship and fill in missing values in a table.
Draw a line for a given line equation
A line equation is given, draw the respective line in a coordinate plane.
Quadratic formula: Complete square to determine vertex
To determine the vertex of a square function, convert it to vertex form by completing the square.
Quadratic formula: Complete square to solve equation
To solve a quadratic equation, complete the square.
Slope to be derived from given slope triangle
The slope shall be derived from a straight line with a gradient triangle in the coordinate system.
Slope triangle to be drawn for a given line
In a coordinate system with a given straight line a slope triangle is to be drawn.
Specify equation to straight line
For a given straight line on a coordinate plane, the corresponding equation must be specified.
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