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All problems for the topic of Number spaces

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Add and subtract sibling numbers
Add and sub sibling numbers in the range from 1 to 100
Compare two fractions and tell which one is larger
Insert the correct relational symbol between two fractions
Count up to ten
A series of different symbols is shown. Count each of the symbols.
Find number in the middle
For two given numbers, find the number in the middle, the midpoint.
Insert relational operator - simple
Insert the correct relational symbol between two numbers.
Mean and median to be determined
For a series of numbers, the mean or median is to be found.
Multiplication problem series with powers of ten
In a series of multiplication terms with same product, the number of places move from first to second factor.
Number line find midpoint
On a number line, the midpoint between to marks has to be identified.
Number line match fractions to markers
A number line, markers on the line and fractions are given - match markers to fractions.
Number line match numbers to markers
A number line, markers on the line and numbers are given - match markers to numbers.
Number line tell marked number
On a number line, numbers for marked positions have to be told.
Number line to be drawn for given numbers to be marked
Numbers are given, draw number line and mark positions.
Order fractions from least to greatest
A series of fractions has to be put in the correct order.
Order numbers according to size
Sort positive and negative decimal numbers and whole numbers by size
Place value board table and number words
In a table, place values and number words have to be added
Relational operator insert digit for true statement
Add a digit in a relational statement to make it true.
Roman numerals, convert from and to decimal system
Numbers have to be converted from the decimal system to roman numerals and vice versa.
Test for divisibility
A row of numbers is presented. Delete those that are not divisible by a given divisor.
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