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Details for problem "Number line match fractions to markers"

Quickname: 2388

Suitable for grades: Grade 6, Grade 7


A number line, markers on the line and fractions are given - match markers to fractions.



A list with fractions is given. A number line has the same number of positions marked with letters. The letters have to be matched to the correct fractions.

The number range for the numbers can be chosen. It may be specified that the number line may only cover positive numbers, negative numbers or both.

There are marker ticks on the number line that label positions with numbers at given intervals. These intervals can be chosen from thousands to thousandths. All tick marks may be labeled, any two or any two that are adjacent to each other.

It can be chosen whether improper fractions may occur. If they are allowed to occur, there is an option that they will be displayed as improper fractions or as a mixed number.

The number of fractions to be matched is selectable.

Topics: Numberspace, Rational N

Tags: Fraction, Number line

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Customization options for this problem

ParameterPossible values
Number of fractions2, 3, 4, 5
Labelsall ticks, two adjacent ticks, two ticks
Positive/Negativepositive, mixed, negative
Reduced fractionsYes, No
Improper fractionsno, yes, as improper fraction, yes, as a mixed number

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