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All problems for the topic of Numbers

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Count up to ten
A series of different symbols is shown. Count each of the symbols.
Divisibility rules to be specified and applied
The rules on divisibility have to be specified and applied.
Draw dice pips for correct sum
First steps to subtraction skills: Add dice pips so that sum of multiple dice is correct.
Find number in the middle
For two given numbers, find the number in the middle, the midpoint.
Median and mean - decide which number is which
For two given numbers for a number series, decide which is the median and which is the mean.
Median or mean value - Which one is it?
Decide whether a number is the median or mean of a given series of whole numbers.
Negative whole numbers add and subtract
Negative whole numbers are to be added and subtracted
Negative whole numbers add and subtract choose result
For an addition or subtraction problem with negative numbers, the correct result must be chosen.
Number line match numbers to markers
A number line, markers on the line and numbers are given - match markers to numbers.
Number line to be drawn for given numbers to be marked
Numbers are given, draw number line and mark positions.
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