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All problems for the topic of Whole numbers

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Quickname with link for detail view
Add and subtract sibling numbers
Add and sub sibling numbers in the range from 1 to 100
Add and subtract spliting one digit number
Addition and subtraction by splitting one digit number
Add and subtract terms with incrementing summand
In a series of addition or subtraction terms, one number changes stepwise.
Add and subtract times table product
Addition and subtraction of times table products
Add and subtract times table product with same factor
Addition and subtraction of times table products for a single number one to ten
Add multiples of powers of ten
Multiples of powers of ten added to natural numbers.
Add numbers
Numbers with or without decimal places have to be added.
Add two numbers with specific number of places
Addition of two numbers with controlled number of digits for each number.
Addition of powers of ten, fill blanks
What multiple of a power of ten has been added?
Addition or subtraction, insert correct symbol
In a series of addition or subtraction problems, the plus or minus symbol is missing.
Addition up to ten in graphical form
Plus problems up to ten are to be described using marbles.
Columnar addition
Columnar addition of multiple summands.
Columnar addition with blanks
Blanks in columnar addition to be filled in correctly.
Columnar subtraction
Columnar addition of multiple subtrahends.
Divide a fraction by a whole number
A fraction has to be divided by a whole number.
Division by multiples of power of ten
Divison by a power of ten or a multiple thereof.
Division series 1x1 with factor 10
Division problem series with divisor and dividend alternating with factor ten.
Division times table 1-10
Division problems from the multiplication tables
Double a given number
Double a number with or without decimal places.
Factor or multiple?
Determine whether a number is a factor or multiple of another.
Factors of a number
For a given number, all factors have to be listed.
Halve numbers
Divide numbers by two, whole numbers or with decimal places.
Insert relational operator - simple
Insert the correct relational symbol between two numbers.
Insert relational operator for subtraction terms
The correct relational operator has to be inserted for subtraction terms.
Insert relational operator for sum terms
The correct relational operator has to be inserted for addition terms.
Insert the arithmetic operator
In an equation with two operands, insert the correct arithmetic symbol.
Insert two arithmetic operators
In an equation with three operands, insert two operators.
Long multiplication to be performed for two factors
Two factors have to be multiplied using the long multiplication written form.
Magic triangle with sums to be filled in correctly
In a magic triangle, six numbers have to be filled in correctly.
Matrix of addition and subtraction problems
Table of addition and subtraction problems
Mean and median to be determined
For a series of numbers, the mean or median is to be found.
Median and mean - decide which number is which
For two given numbers for a number series, decide which is the median and which is the mean.
Median or mean value - Which one is it?
Decide whether a number is the median or mean of a given series of whole numbers.
Multiples of a number list first n
For a given number, list the first n multiples.
Multiples of a number up to a limit
For a given number, the multiples up to a given limit have to be listed.
Multiplication by power of ten
Multiplication of a whole numbers with powers of ten or multiples of powers of ten
Multiplication of two natural numbers
Multiplication problems with defined number range
Multiplication tables with mistakes
In a number of tasks from the multiplication tables, mistakes have to be found.
Multiply fractions by whole numbers
A fraction has to multiplied by a whole number.
Negative whole numbers add and subtract
Negative whole numbers are to be added and subtracted
Negative whole numbers add and subtract choose result
For an addition or subtraction problem with negative numbers, the correct result must be chosen.
Number wall sums of whole numbers
In the number wall missing sums have to be added.
Number wall times table products
In a number wall, products from the times tables 1-10 are to be filled in.
Place value board table and number words
In a table, place values and number words have to be added
Relational operator insert digit for true statement
Add a digit in a relational statement to make it true.
Relational symbol with times table terms and number
Compare Times table multiplication terms to numbers, decide what is the correct relational symbol.
Subtract mupltiples of powers of ten
Multiples of powers of ten subtracted from natural numbers.
Subtract numbers in range
Multiple numbers with or without decimal places have to be subtracted.
Subtraction by filling up place values
Calculate difference by stepping up each place value.
Subtraction power of ten fill blanks
What multiple of a power of ten has been subtracted?
Subtraction term graphical representation
A series of marbles represents a subtraction term - empty spaces to be filled in term.
Subtraction two numbers with specific no of places
Subtraction of two numbers with controlled number of digits for each number.
Table of multiplication problems
Matrix of multiplication problems with whole numbers
Test for divisibility
A row of numbers is presented. Delete those that are not divisible by a given divisor.
Times table fill in blanks
Simple times table problems where the product and a factor are given.
Times table with factor ten
Multiplication problem series introducing factor of ten
Times table:Multiplication problems in range one to ten
Multiplication problems from the 1-10 times tables.
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