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Details for problem "Area of triangle draw triangle and height and measure"

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Suitable for grades: Grade 7, Grade 8


A triangle has to be drawn with given dimensions. Draw a height of choice, measure side and height and calculate area.



Some dimensions of a triangle are given that unambiguously specify the triangle. The task is to draw this driangle, then determine its area by measuring one of the sides and the corrsponding height.

The dimensions given can be chosen to be either

- the lengths of the three sides

- the site of two angles and the length of the common side

- the length of two sides and the size of the angle between these sides

- or a random selection of the three possibilities above.

Now the following steps have to be undertaken:

- draw any height

- measure the length of the height ha and the corresponding side a

- use the formula T = a * ha / 2 to calculate the area of the triangle.

The number of problems is selectable.

Topics: Geometry

Tags: Area, Drawing, Measure, Triangle

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Customization options for this problem

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Number of problems1, 2
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