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Area of a triangle from side and height
The lengths of a side of a triangle and the corrensponding height are given. Calculate the area of the triangle.
Area of triangle draw height and measure
A triangle is given. Draw a height of choice, measure side and height and calculate area.
Area of triangle draw triangle and height and measure
A triangle has to be drawn with given dimensions. Draw a height of choice, measure side and height and calculate area.
Draw a triangle with given dimensions
Dimensions are given that define triangle. The corresponding triangle has to be drawn and sides and/or angles measured.
Name the 2d geometric shape
Name the two dimensional flat geometric shape shown
Triangle draw circumcircle
The circumcircle and perpendicular bisectors have to be drawn for a given triangle.
Triangle draw incircle
The incircle and angle bisectors have to be drawn for a given triangle.
Triangle label parts
A fully or partly unlabeled triangle is given. The vertices, sides or angles have to be labeled correctly.
Triangle mark centroid
The medians and centroid have to be drawn for a given triangle.
Triangle missing value area, side or height
One of the values area, length of a side or corresponding height of a triangle are given. Determine the missing value.
Triangle sides and perimeter
For a given triangle, the sides and/or perimeter have to be determined.
Triangle: Draw heights, medians and bisectors
Draw heights, medians, angle bisectors or perpendicular bisectors for a triangle.
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