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All problems tagged Polynoms and quadratic functions

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Quickname with a link to the detailed view
Binomic formula fill in blanks
Fill gaps correctly in binomic formulas
Expand and simplify binomic formula
Apply binomic formula expansion rules to simplify term.
Extract binomic formula from term
A binomic formula is hidden in a term. Factor out the binomic formular or extract the summand.
Match binomic formula to simplified form
Find matching terms of original and simplified binomic formulas in two lists.
Quadratic formula: Complete square to determine vertex
To determine the vertex of a square function, convert it to vertex form by completing the square.
Quadratic formula: Complete square to solve equation
To solve a quadratic equation, complete the square.
Simplify term with binomic formula, combine like terms
Simplify a term which contains a binomic formula
Solve linear equation
Solve a linear equation step-by-step by performing equivalent transformations.
Solve linear equation with distributive element
Solve a linear equation step-by-step by performing equivalent transformations.
Specify binomic formula for expanded term
A term is given which is the expanded form of a binomic formula. The original binomic formula has to be found.
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