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Details for problem "Horizontal bar chart for table of values"

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Create a bar chart for a given table of values.


Create a bar chart for a given table of values. (Example for this math problem) Create a bar chart for a given table of values. (Example for this math problem)


A table of values is given. It contains one set of data and assigns discrete terms such as cities, months or weekdays to variable units of measurement such as length, weight or time.

The task is to create a suitable bar chart that shows the discrete terms of the table on the Y-axis and the value of the measured variable on the X-axis.

If desired, parts of the diagram can be provided with the problem statement. So it is possible

As an additional help, a note can be included in the task definition on how to label the axes. The size of the bar chart can be selected in three steps.

Topics: Statistics Units Written form

Tags: Drawing

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Customization options for this problem

Possible values
Note on axis labeling
Yes, No
Provide diagram
none, no axis labels, X axis labeled, Y axis labeled, both axes labeled, part of diagram
Size of diagram
small, medium, large

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